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Feel Like You’re on Your Own? Here’s How to Get Some Much-Needed Career Support

So, you’re totally excited about a recent work-related accomplishment you’d like to leverage for your next big career move. You run to tell your parents, hoping for insights on how to take that step, only to be met by a lackluster,”Oh, that’s nice. Keep up the great work.”

Or let’s try this scenario: You’ve hit a major roadblock in your career, and the moment you tell the grandparents who raised you, you’re met by blank stares and looks of confusion.

Worst yet, this scenario: Accomplishments aren’t even acknowledged or celebrated in your immediate environment, leaving you more than hesitant to even mention anything about your career to anyone in your household or neighborhood. You feel that whatever you say will either be over their heads or met with major hateration…

What do you do when you need that extra, strategic support and it’s not something you can reach out and grab in your immediate environment? Try these four steps:

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