The Run-Around

Brazen’s Fall Run-Around: Tell Us How You’re Learning a New Skill

It’s that time again! That time when you write a stellar blog post and we share it with the Brazen community.

Let’s get a drum-roll for your next topic…

Brazen’s Fall Run-Around

The topic: How are you learning a new skill?

New skills can help you land a job you enjoy, give you the chance to snag a promotion at work and provide opportunities to meet new people. Plus, it’s fun!

After publishing a post from author Josh Kaufman on secrets to learning new skills more quickly than you ever thought possible, we wondered how Brazenites are going about skill acquisition.

If you’re learning a new language, how are you doing it? Through a class at a university, or by traveling through another continent?

If you’re teaching yourself to code, what tools are helping you get there? Maybe a Skillshare class or an old-school book?

What skills are you adding to your arsenal, and how are you doing it?

How to participate: Write a post about this topic on your blog, and leave the link to that post below in the comments. (Only one post per participant.)

Deadline: November 15, 2013. That gives you plenty of time to share your story. Then watch for your link in our next Run-Around post in late November.

Ready to get writing? We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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  2. MJeffers

    I am committing to a beginners class of something different each month, some i’m sticking with others I’m just doing to get a taste for them.

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