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The Best Way to Quit Your Job? Or the Worst?

Last week, 25-year-old Marina Shifrin famously quit her job via YouTube video.

As she danced to Kanye West’s Gone, Shifrin made it clear to her boss that she was done sacrificing her “relationships, time and energy for this job.”

The video went viral and now has 15 million views and counting. But it didn’t stop there.

Her former employer, Taiwanese animation company Next Media Animation, posted a spin-off video to announce they were hiring. A few days after she posted her original video, Shifrin made a guest appearance on The Queen Latifah Show — and received an on-air job offer.

In general, we recommend quitting your job gracefully without burning bridges. After all, you never know when you and your employee might cross paths in the future. But Shifrin received an overwhelming response for her video, and now that she’s in the job market, her resume will definitely stand out.

Her “take that!” message to her former boss may have been a good move for her. But does that mean we should follow her lead?

Have you dreamed about a dramatic resignation from your job? Do you think Shifrin’s move was a wise one, or will it come back to bite her later in her career? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Betsy Mikel has been reading and writing since she was a TV-deprived bookwormy kid. Visit her website and connect with her on Twitter.


  1. It’s a bit scary to hire people like her. It will be a big backfire on the company’s part and quite scandalous. I think she just did what she desires but this has made a bad impact for the company everybody won’t forget.

    • CareerAddict

      I understand and agree with your side Belinda. Though she has caught the attention of employers everywhere – it can be seen in a bad light. As she did put the reputation of the company at stake, and she is perfectly capable of doing that in the future if she isn’t happy at her next job. That poses a big risk to any company thinking of hiring her!

  2. when you are tired of your job, may also result from pressure or boss, abandon it, though it is the best or the worst. Let yourself relax and find a more suitable job

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