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Body Language Tricks to Help Recruiters Nail Video Interviews

With more and more recruiters using video interviews to assess candidates, it’s important for both recruiters and employee hopefuls to understand how their body language, tone of voice and word choice effect the overall impression they give off. You may be sabotaging your video interview without even realizing it.

Luckily, PGi/iMeet put together this great infographic to help both sides of the interview table (or, in this case, screen) understand the rising importance of video interviews and how to make sure you nail them:

Video Interviews

Have you participated in a video interview before (on either side of the screen)? What tips do you have for others?

Infographic by PGi/iMeet.

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  1. Eugena Smith

    The practice of video interviews has became popular that it helps the both sides to spare their money and time. The eye-to-eye contact allows to read the implicit signals sent unconsciously. However not only the employer is able to read the prospective employee. The job seekers are also interested in what do employers actually think of them. Study this article to learn more about body language . You may also try to guess the intentions of the interviewers .

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