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Office Woes: How to Handle a Career-Stifling Boss

The office should be a place of productivity, revenue generation, impact creation and growth. That said, we all know that not every day at work is so rosy.

Depending on how far along you are in your career, you may have already encountered it. For those who have not, get ready. I’m referring to the day you realize that your boss is not “here for you.”

This can be interpreted in many ways, but the simplest definition of a boss who is not “here for you” is this: a supervisor who is not actively working to support your professional growth. A good supervisor does many things, but at minimum, they should be supporting your development because the more skilled you are (task completion, project management, team leadership, etc.), the better you will be at supporting their professional goals.

Unfortunately, things do not always work out this way, and many professionals are left to fend for themselves . Here are a few tips for how to move forward if you find yourself in this situation.

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