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Do You Work More or Less Than People Around the World?

Think you work a lot of hours?

This infographic from BOLT insurance shows how your work hours compare to those of workers around the world.

And if you’re one of our U.S.-based readers, you can also see whether you live in one of the states where workers tend to put in the most hours.

Where do you fit in?

And perhaps just as importantly, where would you LIKE to fit in?

Working World: Employee Work Hours Around The World Infographic
Via: BOLT Insurance


  1. Really intriguing infographic! It’s interesting to see how the US stacks up against the rest of the world when it comes to work hours and vacation time. Plus if you see a place on the map you’d rather be working, you can always interview with a far off place thanks to the power of online video interviewing. So if you’re tired of your 25 vacation days and want a switch, you can always see how the job market is in Australia!

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