Should social media managers be under 25?

Should Social Media Managers Be Under 25?

Have you heard the buzz over this piece from NextGen Journal?

Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

The key is that we learned to use social media socially before professionally, rather than vice versa or simultaneously. After all, it is called social media; the seemingly obvious importance of incorporating comforting social aspects into professional usage seems to go over several companies’ heads. To many people in the generations above us, Facebook and Twitter are just the latest ways of getting messages out there to the public, that also happen to be the best.

And here’s another interesting snippet:

Every time I see a job posting for a Social Media Manager/Associate/etc. and find the employer is looking for five to ten years of direct experience, I wonder why they don’t realize the candidates who are in fact best suited for the position actually aren’t old enough to have that much experience.

The post got so many people talking that NextGen also published a response.

Since the Brazen community is full of social media types, and many of you are 25 or older (plus plenty who are under 25!), we’d love to hear you weigh in.

What do YOU think?


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  2. She created great link bait and it worked, but as for the rest of what she did, it didn’t work. To assume that the necessary skills in using Social Media for business stem from a few years experience posting photos of Friday night’s party or commenting on your friends’ latest status update is just plain silly. There are going to be exceptional social media managers at 20, 30, 40 and beyond. Age really has nothing to do with it. Given the pace of change in the tech. industry right now, that gives her a career of maybe 5 years, MAYBE.

  3. I agree with Phoebe… I’m slightly on the other side of 25(!) and feel that it’s better to be more experienced and truly understand business etiquette (even if you’re a social media manager, under 25 and working for an uber cool brand. Problem is, like PR and any communications platform, you’re reprensenting the business and lots can go wrong with damage liability. So I think plus is definately the way to go! I wrote about that here also by the way.

  4. Agree! Sorry Phoebe & Working Sirens, but there are plenty of young professionals that have not only grown up with social platforms, but can successfully run their own businesses using proper SM business etiquette. It’s time to adapt to the ever changing environment. The internet is advancing at an exponential rate, and us 25 year olds have been along for the ride the entire time! Don’t be an ageist, because a great opportunity may just pass by.

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