Sweet Job: Social Media Manager for Creative Media Marketing

Because many of you are looking for a job — or, if you’re already working, likely keeping your eyes open for a better job — we occasionally feature what we like to call Sweet Jobs, or gigs that rock for whatever reason.

This week’s pick:

Social Media Manager for Creative Media Marketing

This week’s job is perfect for social media moguls with experience in the beauty social media world. Creative Media Marketing is on the hunt for a social media manager with at least 3 years experience, who possesses a range of skills.

To be right for this job, you’ll need knowledge of community management on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, along with the ability to create engaging content on health and beauty topics for blogs, YouTube and Facebook.

Aside from social media responsibilities, the social media manager also must be able to juggle multiple clients and projects at once and measure the percentage growth of each media channel.

If you’re a rockstar in the health and beauty world, and you know Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms inside and out, be sure to apply!

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