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Hey, Have You Seen This? CanvasPop

Most of your best photos are on Facebook now, right? Or on your phone?

Then check out CanvasPop, a digital printing company that turns Facebook and Instagram photos into canvas prints big enough to hang on your wall.

Yes, even low-resolution photos.

Here’s the scoop from Mashable:

The web-based print shop has been printing Instagram snapshots for mobile photographers since November. Now, Facebook photos can be printed on canvas.

Since inception, the company has wanted to dive head-first into the world’s largest archive of pictures on Earth. Perfecting the process to turn typically low-resolution Facebook pictures into smooth large-format prints took more than two years, co-founder of CanvasPop Adrian Salamunovic told Mashable.

And how it works:

When a small, low-resolution picture is enlarged, its pixels or the little squares making up the picture, get distorted. CanvasPop created PicturePerfect technology, which is a process called “micro-vectorization.” The technology turns pixels into little lines that can be enlarged to any size without loosing smoothness of the image.

Whatdoya think? Is this a service you’d pay for?

If so, that Mashable story includes a link for a discount that’s available until Sunday, March 18.

Let us know how you like it!


  1. Anonymous

    That’s super cool! They’d be smart to extend their technology for other uses too. When I used to work in print, there were millions of times we’d get photos for a project that were beyond small. Being able to upload a photo to something like this (for a fee) and have it corrected and sent back would be incredible.

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