How To Get More Done, Work Less and Sleep More #BrazenStuff 2.24.11

TGIF Brazenites! Remember it’s a leap year, so there’s an extra day in February next week. Most Americans will spend the 29th at work, which means an extra day of pay. But let us know in the comments if you have something extra exciting planned — we’d love to hear about it.

We’ve got some great reads (and a video!) for you this week. Take a look:

1. Is your profession a labor lottery?

2. How to get out of a professional rut.

3. The real reason why grads from elite colleges are drawn to careers in finance.

4. Why mediocre workers keep getting promoted.

5. Three tips for resume success.

6. Sleep more. Work less. Get more done.

7. Why you should encourage your boss to exercise.

8. A look inside Thrillist‘s headquarters in New York City:


  1. ankan kd

    Interesting post and thanks for sharing. Some things in here I have not thought about before.Thanks for making such a cool post which is really very well written.

  2. Anonymous

    Nice roundup! The WSJ article on how we spend our time is great food for thought – keeping a time log is an excellent way to stay focused.

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