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Sweet Job: Executive Assistant at the Young Entrepreneur Council

Because many of you are looking for a job — or, if you’re already working, likely keeping your eyes open for a better job — we occasionally feature what we like to call Sweet Jobs, or gigs that rock for whatever reason.

This week’s pick:

Executive Assistant at the Young Entrepreneur Council

Want to be part of a growing startup? Interested in entrepreneurship? If you’re highly organized, this job could be for you.

It’s a full-time position based in New York City. You’d be responsible for project management, scheduling and bookkeeping; that’s why administrative experience is a should-have (but not a must-have).

You should also be comfortable with all the tools Brazenites love: Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter, Keynote, Basecamp and WordPress. Be prepared to work with “strong personalities” — that’s YEC leadership.

Sound up your alley? Make us proud and apply!

Does your company or organization have an awesome job opening you want the Brazen community to know about? Email a link and description to alexis[at]



  1. Zosima Gilbuena

    I am currently working and I am interested to be part of the team. However, the place is conflict with my location. If I am just near the area, I won’t hesitate to get the job and provide my service to the maximum performance for me to be better.


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