Career and Professional Development Links #BrazenStuff 8.5.11

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Here’s some of the most interesting #BrazenStuff we’ve seen lately:

1. If you’re contemplating applying for that position you saw posted online, here are 13 websites that will help you figure out if it’s worth the time to actually submit an application.

2. Speaking of job applications, which degrees put you in the best position for getting a job after graduation? Check out this list. Technology management MBAs and software engineering BAs rank high.

3. Classy Career Girl has a thorough response for a reader who asked about disclosing health problems at work.

4. Christine Hassler, author of “The Twenty Something Manifesto,” describes how she went from being a Hollywood literary agent to a sought after consultant.

5. Brazen co-founder Penelope Trunk says startups should be male-only terrain.

6. Here are some little ideas that can positively impact your fitness if you’re stuck in a cube all day.

7. Show me the money! Or not… a PricewaterhouseCoopers study finds that Gen Y prioritizes training and development above cash bonuses.

8. Are you one of those people with a perpetually messy desk? Don’t feel too bad about it. Apparently it’s an indicator of success, according to Donald Trump. Watch:


  1. CDMB

    Finally some says something good about the messy desk (for those of us who truly know where everything is it just isn’t perfectly neat). Thanks Brazen and Mr. Trump

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