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Rock-It at Work: Embody Professionalism

This is part of a series of posts featuring members of the Brazen Careerist team. Brazen staff were asked to provide a little information about themselves and one piece of career advice based on what has helped them most in their careers so far.

Name: Corbin Haresnape

Age: 24

So what do you do at Brazen?

I am the accounts director. I create the magic that ensures events are smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved. I also moonlight as the company design critic.

What did you do before Brazen?

I worked in luxury hotels and helped to build the brand Nick and Zuzu.

Tell us something unique about you.

I hiked the Grand Canyon by myself.

What is one thing that has helped you advance in your career?

Staying fit. Keeping your body in decent shape helps you focus and embody professionalism. Not only is exercise a stress reliever and an activity that boosts concentration, but it also builds confidence and diligence. If you can discipline yourself to run that extra mile, you can discipline yourself to “finish that report” or work on your “side hustle.”

Exercising will also help you sleep. When your body is tired, worrying about “the project” won’t keep you up at night. You will fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed and renewed. The added bonus… you will look better at the end of the day!


  1. Anonymous

    I SO agree about the working out thing!! The last month has been pretty stressful and there’s nothing like some work-out endorphins to give the break/boost you need to keep going. I also agree about the sleeping point–I just started a new series of interval training classes that totally kick my butt. Not matter how stressed/anxious I’m feeling, my body is just too tired to toss and turn at night.

  2. I never thought of exercise as something to equate with your ability to handle the work world, but that makes a ton of sense now. Commitment, in all its varieties, is invaluable. A girl I work with asked me how long I’d been at the company and when I told her it’d been almost 4 years, she was shocked. She said she couldn’t imagine staying anywhere for 4 years. Sadly, this seems like the norm anymore.

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