How Your Blog Can Land You a Job

Blogging has come a long way since the teenage angst ridden days of Xanga and Livejournal. If you haven’t heard of someone making a living from his or her blog, you must be living under a rock!  

Just take a look around the Internet, people! Big names like Leo Babauta and Darren Rowse have been making a living from their blogs for years. There are also lesser-known bloggers who have used their blogs to create money-making side projects, land book deals and start blog-centric businesses. And just last week, my blog, which I’ve successfully used to land several clients, helped me get a full-time job offer. But more on that later.

So what’s the secret? How do people use their blogs to get projects and job offers? They do it by providing thoughtful, substantive content that appeals to employers.

Your Blog as a Portfolio of Excellence

I have used my blog as a portfolio to show potential clients that I know how to write. Some of them were so impressed that I knew my way around WordPress and the written word that they didn’t hesitate to offer me good rates for projects. Likewise, I have had other people find me through my blog and request me for their projects.

The secret is to use your blog like a portfolio. While it’s perfectly fine to add your own personal flair (after all, you are the editor-in-chief), keep in mind that professionalism is key. You need to find a focus and not ramble on and on about the random events of your day. Potential clients are looking for substance, professionalism and an ability to connect with an audience.

Nail those three things and you’ll nab readers from all over, all of whom have the potential to become clients or provide job opportunities.

A Place to Highlight Your Expertise

Blogs give you the perfect opportunity to become an expert on any given subject. Do you have an affinity for rock climbing? Is cooking your thing? Does gardening make you warm and fuzzy inside? Are you particularly passionate about a political issue or movement?

Whatever your passions and talents, blogging helps you become an authority on the subject. Pick a focus by looking at your life experience, educate yourself as much as possible, and share the wealth with others.

Need an example? I had no idea what I was doing when I got out of college, so I started a blog to keep myself focused and help others. There are plenty of bloggers out there, from mommies to skydivers, who have taken some experience from their actual lives, made a successful blog out of it and found exciting projects as a result.

A Unique Edge for Your Resume

Perhaps having multiple clients isn’t your thing and you prefer a traditional full-time job. No problem. Blogs can help you there too.

With today’s job market you’re facing a sea of tough competition for very few positions, so you’d better stand out and bring something unique to the table. I just used my Gen Y personal development blog on a resume and landed a full-time job at a local career consulting agency that specializes in placing college grads in professional positions. The president of the company was so impressed by my interest in the business and my creative abilities that she hired me on the spot.

Providing content of substance will not only get you readers, but it will also open your blog to a world of job opportunities. Untraditional as it may be, blogging can give you the creative edge employers are looking for while building a clientele of your own.


  1. This is really inspirational, as I’m kinda tired of job hunting and I’ve been hoping my blog will give me a sort of edge to find full-time employment somewhere!

  2. In a recent interview with a blogger he said that his blog was infinitely better than any one page resume. He had 100+ post on a variety of topics that could show his skill instead of a single sheet of paper.

  3. I think people are forgetting that they don’t have to be web design experts to have a portfolio online anymore. A lot of blog platforms (WordPress is a big one) let users create separate pages for content, naming them whatever they want. So someone can go online, make a blog in a few minutes, and have a page dedicated to their resume or samples of writing. It’s a lot easier than it used to be.

    And you sort of hit on this, but niche blogging is huge now. So if you’re looking for a job in some specific industry and you blog about it, that’s a big deal to a potential employer. Social presence for any company is a major plus, so if you’re already active online, theoretically you know the ropes.

    I intern for Uvisor (a job search engine company), and my blog actually was one of the main reasons I attracted the company’s attention. Never underestimate the power of good content!

    • That’s spot on Kaleigh! I have found personally that niche blogging is making it big these days. I’m also a very big fan of WordPress. They make everything so easy!

  4. Great post! I landed a few part time jobs by submitting my blog as a portfolio. I only started in 3 months ago, so it doesn’t take long to develop credibility!

  5. Tried and true! Not only have I shown my expertise through blog posts, but also through blog comments. People love to the comments on blogs and if you have a valuable comment that truly adds to the conversation, then you’ll be noticed and possibly get a client from your expertise.

    It’s a big wide internet out there and there are so many opportunities for people to get their knowledge out there to get hired.

    Cheers for this great post!

  6. Amanda, great piece here. I have several friends who have become successful because their blogs got them noticed. It’s great to see someone bringing more awareness to this hidden gem!

    Matthew Forrest
    Social Media Marketing Intern

  7. Anonymous

    Great inspirational story! I would love it if I could use my blog as a way to obtain clients, but I feel like my blog’s lack of a niche is a detriment to that. hmmm

    • This is very true. Many of the great bloggers we know today tell people that if you want to take blogging seriously you have to treat it like a job – one that you actually enjoy, of course!

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  9. I have gotten a few jobs due to blogging. I would like to make more money off this, but really need to learn more. This post is very useful and some of the comments are right on the money, such as Kaleigh Somers. I just wanted to say I appreciate the real comments.

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  11. Jerry

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